New or Lapsed Membership

New Member
£ 25.00 each


New membership application for the Solent & District Land-Rover Club.

Prior to making payment, if you have not already done so you will need to register with the web site to do so. The name and address details on your registration will be used for the membership application. The additional fields are part of our paper application form and are all optional.

When applying for a membership, you can also request an associate membership for any others who live at the same address who'd like to have a membership. These are provided for no additional cost.

If your address has changed, please update it in the billing address.

If you are renewing an expired membership, providing your old membership number is useful for our membership but not mandatory. The membership secretary will try to reinstate your previous membership number.

New membership application for Solent & District Land-Rover Club.

By purchasing a club membership you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Always ensure you have adequate insurance cover for any events or activities organized by the club.

Any off-road foray can be hazardous to you and your passengers and of course your vehicle.

The Solent and District Land Rover Club cannot be held liable for any damage or injury incurred whilst participating in one of its events.

Membership is subject to the approval of the Solent and District Land Rover Club committee.

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