Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to attend club events?

Club events are for members only. Membership is £25 to join, £20 to renew each year. This can be done on-line through here. Visitors can come to our monthly social to meet members to see if they like the club before deciding to join.


Can I join on the day?

Green lanes have to be booked in advance on the forum, via text message to the communications phone number, via Facebook, or with the green lane organizer directly (eg at a club social). You will need to be a member before your place is reserved.

Some playsites have limited numbers, so not booking in advance could mean that you get turned away because we are full. Other playsites are large, so turning up and joining on the day is fine.



How do I book in for an event?

All information about events, along with the booking most easily happens on our forum. You need to register, then just post a message. Members also get regular email and text message updates about events. You can also book by replying to these messages (remember your full name in text messages), via Facebook, or contacting the event organizer direct (eg at a club social).


I am thinking of joining the club. What do you do?

As a club, we have 4 main activities:

1.    We meet up on the first Tuesday of every month at the Vine Inn, Romsey Road, Ower, Romsey, SO51 6ZJ.. There is a 15 -20 min piece from the chairman and the events and green lane officers about what is happening and going on, followed by a quiz and raffle. There is the chance to meet other members and chat, as well as talk to people about events and generally Land Rover stuff.

2.    We have a playday event nearly every month, where we hire out an off road site where members can drive around areas of different levels of challenge. There are places where the highly modified vehicles can get stuck, but also places where standard commute to work type vehicles can drive around without any major risk of damage.

3.    We have at least one, and often more, green lane event each month. We drive local (and sometimes further away) byways and UCRs, taking us through the countryside with scenic views. If the lanes are likely to cause damage to your vehicle, this will be notified in advance. Some of the lanes can be a bit overgrown, so showroom vehicles are not recommended unless you have shares in T-Cut (other paint restoring products available!).

Sometimes, green lanes are done at night. Sometimes they are just for half a day. Most events are on a Sunday, but we also have done some Saturday stuff and some Bank Holiday stuff.


4. Camping trips. These are usually green lane trips, where we camp for a weekend or for a week. We currently run a Devon camping weekend every May, and a Wales camping week every August.

All events are posted on the forum, where details a reguarly updated.

We drive for the pleasure of things, obey the law and take a dim view of people who of-road without following this. We do not take part in any competition, except our annual duck race – a competition where the aim is to get your plastic duck down the river as quickly as possible. We also have a skittles night once or twice a year.

To get a feel of what events might look like, have a look at some of the galleries on the website. Don’t be too put off if all of the pictures look quite challenging terrain – they tend to make the best photos.

Are kids welcome?

We are a family friendly club. Children of all ages are welcome at all events, and are usually present.


What if I have never done any off-roading before?

If members come to a green lane that have never done off-roading before, they usually go into one group, and can have some quick tuition on how to use the controls, and some guidance on how to drive hazards. Likewise, never-off-roaders can also get some similar guidance at a playsite, following someone around at first, sitting in with someone else, or having someone talk them around for the first part of the day. Whilst members are not professional instructors, between them they have years and years of practical experience.